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Apr 19

Assembling mods from Jove v.11.1 for World of Tanks [0.9.0]


This is a useful build the most popular mods 0.9.0, for a more comfortable playing World of Tanks.

Version 11.1:
- Updated from sight J1mb0
- XVM updated to version 5.2.1-test1
- Fixed setting icon attack / defense
- Updated panel damage from Gambiter
- Added custom sniper scope
- Improved compatibility ext. information entry angle of the projectile

Version 11.0:
Convenient sights:
- How Jovi
- Minimalistic
- Turquoise
- Sight Flashes
- Sight Amway921
- Sight Murazora
- Sight a la Ghost Recon
- Super sight of MeltyMap
- Art-sight “Sword of Damocles”
- Art Sight «TAIPAN»
- Reduction as Cyril Oreshkina
- Reduction of the angle of entry of the projectile

Useful things in battle:
- Removal of Blacks in sniper mode
- Direction indicator shelling
- Disable random shooting (on the corpses and allies)
- Calculator Modifications
- Adjustment range finder

UGN: Angles traverse. Two versions to choose from:
- Out of the corner
- Theater
- Big semicircle
- From MeltyMap

Information panel selected target:
- Recharge & review
- Easy panel
- Colour bar

Panel display technology with the damage an attacker:
- How Jovi
- Battle of the player interface zayaz
- The damage panel from GambitER
- Minimalistic panel

Battle chat:
- Message History

Bell crit

Seclusion camera:
- NoScroll – wheel does not switch to sniper mode
- Turn off the camera shake dynamic

Changing the appearance of:
- Disabling camouflage and inscriptions
- Skins with zones of penetration (not all tanks)
- Colored decals projectile
- Bright F / W platform on maps

Increase visibility

Improvements in the hangar:
- Statistics gaming session
- Vertical tree development
- List of tanks in two rows
- More filters list tanks
- Displaying the fighting in the platoon
- Ping
- Change in camouflage hangar
- Detailed description of skills
- Watches

Integrated fashion XVM:
- Alternative art markers
- Bullets team glows in the ears
- Mini-map with sonar – tracking enemies
- Log personal damage: simple and detailed
- Red Stoplight “The Sixth Sense”
- Aka “The Sixth Sense”
- Alternative icons tanks in the ears team

Alternative mini-map with euro server
WoT Tweaker Plus – a program to raise the FPS
Auto-saves the last selected server in patch 0.8.10.

Warning assembly should be installed on a clean client, clearing all your folder 0.9.0 !


By assembling: Jove

Run the installer and specify the path to your game on the local disk, and then tick the mode that you wish to install. – 25.6 MB

Apr 19

Advanced modpak Jovi v.11.1 for World of Tanks [0.9.0]


I present to you an extended assembly mods from many famous vododela Jovi.
It includes both well-known to all modes, which were not included in the regular version, and a lot of firsts. Such as the shooting modes, panel damage, icons tanks indicator results, combat chat and many others.

Version 11.1:
* Adapting to patch 0.9.0.
* Updated mod XVM “Olenemer.”
* Added 4-fold – sniper zoom.

Version 10.7:
* Fixed chat log damage.
* XVM updated to version 5.1.0-r3234.
* Updated skins with breakout areas.
* Updated alternative minimap.
* Fixed mode “Deathmatch”.
* Removed setting FOV due to the release mikropatcha.
* Returned to alert the rest of the fashion shoot for you ally.
* Updated mod on 2 rows of tanks in the hangar – now configured directly in the game.
* Updated components commander camera Gun from Ghost Recon and MeltyMap’s, returned to the server scope.

Version 10.6:
* Fixed UGN.
* Optimize icons focus / protection.
* Returned modes on 2 rows of tanks in the hangar.
* Added strip danger / utility player.
* Added modes extend the battery bulb “sixth sense” to 10 seconds.

Warning assembly should be installed on a clean client clearing pre folder res_mods !



Run the installer and specify the path to your game on your local disk, then tick the mode that you wish to install. – 25.6 MB

Apr 19

Informative for the reduction of a World of Tanks [0.9.0] # 074


Informative, animated display with the reduction of a charge in the form of a circle and filling two indicators: break through your shell and thick armor of the opponent.


MeltyMap + LiNCOLN + Frant

2081_Pricel-074.7z – 247 KB

Apr 19

Free premium hangar World of Tanks [0.9.0]




Put the folder scripts from the archive along this path: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.0 \

2281_Besplatniy_Prem.7z – 12 KB

Apr 17

Removing blackout in sniper mode WoT [0.9.0]


This mod allows you to remove darkening sight sniper mode, thus significantly improve the review and will give you a slight advantage over the enemy.



Put the folder scripts this way: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.0 \

2002_No_Black_Sniper.7z – 5 KB