Sep 12

The assembly of mods «PRO Tanki» for World of Tanks [0.8.8]


Author: PRO Tanki

Description: Compact Design mods (nothing more) from the video channel “PRO Tanki” on YouTube.

What is included in the assembly:

1) Replacing the standard sight!
2) About recharging the enemy and its review.
3) Advanced tips for skills and skills tank crew
4) The panel damage
5) NoBinoculars – Disable blackout in the sniper crosshairs
6) Mod, which removes the fog (haze) on map.
7) Komendirskaya Camera
Zoom, ZoomX, NoScroll
8) White remains of cars.
9) White lined tanks.
10) Marker direction of attack the enemy.
11) hours in the hangar.
12) XVM: eXtended Visualisation Mod
13) Mod to increase the illumination time bulb “The Sixth Sense” to 10 seconds.
14) voiceovers for bulb “The Sixth Sense”!
15) Added manager replays.
16) The possibility of a little tweaking config XVM fit your preferences.
17) Added WoT Tank Viewer.

1. Run the installer.
2. Specify the path to the folder with the game.

PROMods_PatchVer_0.8.8.rar – 25.5 MB

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