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Feb 15

Final Statistics for World of Tanks [0.8.11] # 006


Author: Farser + Frant

Description: Beautiful final statistics for WoT, with multicolored ribbons awards.

Compatible with mod XVM.

Installation: Put the folder gui this way: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.11 \

2024_Final_Statistic.7z – 2.9 MB

Feb 15

Colored hit «Paintball» for World of Tanks [0.8.11]


Author: Dimitro

Description: Mod replaces the standard (white) hit on the tank more noticeable – color. With them you with ease and speed will determine the result of falling, both you and the enemy.

Red – penetration.
Yellow – no penetration or ricochet.

Installation: Put the folder maps in this way: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.11 \

1803_Paintball.7z – 131 KB

Feb 14

Disable the “Auto” World of Tanks [0.8.11]


Author: betax + Atotlk

Description: This mod is designed for continuous operation off “Auto” in the server selection when entering the game. And defaults to the last server that you have visited before, as it was before.

Installation: Folder scripts from the archive to put in World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.11 \

2316_No_Auto.7z – 1 KB

Feb 14

Informative panel for World of Tanks [0.8.11] # 003


Author: StranikS_Scan

Description: Informative panel displays more information when you hover over the tank as an ally and enemy. That will allow you to study further features or weaknesses of a particular technology in the game.

Displayed information:
* Name of the tank and set it on an instrument.
* Recharge time in seconds (at 100% crew + rammer without consumables).
* Radius review in meters (at 100% crew without modules and consumables).
* Weight in tons ( green – ram is very effective, yellow – ram available, red – avoid ramming).
* Penetration of shells in millimeters and the average damage done.
* Reservations hull and turret in millimeters (front, side feed).
* Penetration shells in millimeters and the average damage done.
* Icon of the carousel with the tank (in the Icon-config version).

Archived 4 config options with different combinations of display panel.

Installation: Put the folder gui and scripts this way: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.11 \

2246_Info_Panel-003.7z – 47 KB

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