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Category Archive: Configurations

Jan 29

“Z-MOD” for World of Tanks [0.8.10]


Author: marsoff

Description: Complex mod sozdannyj part-depending on the interface, attached emu Your Money stylistics and nepovtorimostʹ. You can serve as Decent and Vesme kačestvennyj version by replacing the standard Ratio.

* Panel Damage.
* Logo with clock hangared.
* Indicator destinations attacks.
* Arkadnyj and snajperskij Pricelom.
* Martial ranking FPS, PING and time.

Installation: Folder GUI from the archive Put in World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.10 \


Jan 29

Maud “Soul tanks” for World of Tanks [0.8.10]


Author: WG, Ku3mi41

Description: This mod transforms the event to destroy enemy equipment and ally, by adding a fun animation as a soul flying off the tank. The archive option 2 as a tank or a deer.

Attention! Those who will not work, try a clean install on the client or medium graphics settings to put in the game.

Installation: Put the folder influx and particles from the archive along this path: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.10 \


Jan 20



Version: World of Tanks 0.8.10

Author: p14apg


We would like to introduce you: Change the color of the base circle p14apg. This modification will change the color of the circle base. This circle is very difficult to see on winter maps (and some others). The choice has 4 options. Screenshots you can see in the archive.


1.Select the base circle color option that you liked
2.Raspakovat in the game folder.


Jan 20



Version: World of Tanks 0.8.10

Author: Edrard

We would like to introduce you: Free camera from Edrard. This modification will allow the camera to use the free replay. Help those who make videos for those who want to find the easter eggs (there are many) and many others.
1) Start the desired replay simple double-click or drag and drop files onto the program icon replay worldoftanks.exe (not to be confused with WOTlauncher.exe)
2) Wait until the count before the fight.
3) After the count switch to free camera, single-click the left mouse button once.
4) Simultaneously press the Caps Lock and F3, the camera “unhooked” from the tank. Finish.
The main function keys:
shift + N turns a sight to determine the center of the screen
W, A, S, D – flight camera
Q, D, mouse wheel – move the camera up and down
Insert, Delete – zoom in and out
V – off game interface
1,2,3 .. 0 – change of speed camera flight
P – activation of smooth flight camera
X – the camera moves parallel to the ground keeping a distance
C – linking to a point in the center of the screen, which looks at the camera
CAPS + Z – includes mapping markers technology in off the interface (see above button V)

If you have a commander’s camera, then copy the file to any place avatar_input_handler.xml when replay all do, and will replace the commander’s back to work again.
Unpack the archive into a folder with the modes for the current version of the game.
For example, \ Games \ World Of Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.10 \ gui \.


Jan 14

Mix mod «Octagon-2″ for the World of Tanks [0.8.10]


Author: llrok + HellCatShi

Description: A comprehensive fashion by replacing almost the entire interface in combat, since indicators ping and FPS, and the last panel damage. Will satisfy fans of futuristic themes in design.

What is included in this assembly:
Arcade Sight (file – crosshair_panel_arcade.swf) Strategic Sight (file – crosshair_panel_strategic.swf) sniper scope (file – crosshair_panel_sniper.swf) Information – arcade, sniper, strategic (files – crosshair_sniper.swf, crosshair_strategic.swf) indicator dealing damage (with price breaks and without) (file – DamageIndicator.swf) The damage with the log panel damage (files – DamagePanel.swf) angles for ArtSAU traverse (file – GunConstraints.swf )

Recycled Panel ping (file – DebugPanel.swf) Replacement bulbs sixth sense (file – battle.swf) Replacement drums (file – QuantityInClipBars.swf)

Differences from other mods:
- Quite unusual shape information and sights.
- Unusual colors.
- horizontal arrangement of drums for cluster tools.
- Complete rejection of raster graphics – as a consequence – a significant relief elements.
- Enlarged icons modules and crew
- Larger strip xn, with the removal of it to center of the screen, under the consumables (thanks for idea to Zayaz).
- Increased icons modules and crew.
- Bright fire indication.
- Bright display stopper machine in Art and PT modes.
- Bright display lag network.
- Watch in battle. ! Be careful! Set list of files not in vain – if you are a fashion that use data files – after installing Mix mod likely failure of their work!

With this panel damage UGN work for arts as a standard.

Installation: Put the folder gui and scripts from the archive along this path: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.10 \