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Mar 25

Grandpa’s KISS Interface 8.11


Prior to posting in comments:
Read the full description, your answer may already be here
Check out the KISS Forum especially if you are posting about the All-in-One (AIO) the forum is the most appropriate place for posting on the AIO and other Grandpa’s mods
Read previously posted comments, answers to a lot of questions already there, read at least a couple of pages in



look in res_mods/xvm/configs/Alternative Settings folder
find the setting you wish to use
copy the files from the settings folder into res_mods/xvm/configs/arasgrandpa folder – 5.0 MB

Mar 14



My personal config that I had been using for years. All credits go to “Seryich” for the idea.
This XVM config enhances Minimap, HitLog, PlayerPanel

NOTE! This Config requires Tank Icons. (Which are included in “icons” folder and have to installed manually.)

What’s Inside the zip
res_mods – main folder containing the config and XVM mod
fonts – contains fonts required t
icons – config requires tank icons (these are my favorite)

I highly recommend to install this config on a clean client.
1. Install fonts from the” fonts” folder. Double click on each and click install. (Restart is recommended)
2. Copy “res_mods” folder into World_of_tanks folder
3. You also must install tank icons. I you have them already great skip this step if you don’t from folder “icons” copy res_mods folder into World_of_tanks folder – 8.7 MB

Feb 15

XVM PNG LIGHT for World of Tanks [0.8.11]


Author: sirmax2, chesssman

Description: Well, I’m glad to present you the configuration XVM PNG Light . I do not particularly like to look at the statistics and see a bunch of numbers in all colors of the rainbow. Therefore, the main task for themselves put – to improve the standard handles technology and adding them informative. Many will say – it’s too much, do not need and will not interfere with cut eye. On the contrary, I thought the same, but after realizing the idea realized chose the right course. The game became more colorful, interesting, and most importantly effective. That was the idea.

Version 4.0:
* Adapting to 0.8.11.
* Updated to version XVM-5.1.0.

Version 3.1:
* Added icons tanks.
* Added minimap with colored markers and type of equipment missing from lit.
* Added minimap frame.
* Added function glows opponent in “ears” (the right edge of the tank you will found blushes)
* Default icons added special equipment for this mod.

Installation: Put the folder res_mods in the game folder: World_of_Tanks \

1791_XVM_PNG_LIGHT.7z – 9.6 MB

Feb 15

XVM PNG FULL for World of Tanks [0.8.11]


Author: sirmax2, chesss

Description: Modified configuration fashion XVM (Olenemer). Differences: intuitive interface, conveniently located data, informative icons. Only really necessary statistics. Commander function opens up new horizons for battle management. Now clearly see which players are where they are, where more power is concentrated where the weaker flank.

* Adapting to patch 0.8.11.
* Updated to version XVM-5.1.0.
* Added icons tanks.
* Added straps in ears teams.
* Added minimap informative.

Installation: Put the folder res_mods and playersPanel.hs from the archive into the game folder: World of Tanks \

1907_XVM_PNG_FULL.7z – 10.5 MB

Feb 12

Config XVM-5.1.0 for World of Tanks [0.8.11] # 002


Author: sirmax2 + iBat (XVM), demon2597 (config)

Description: Modified configuration files for fashion “Olenemer” XVM-5.1.0. Were changed almost all the elements, compared to the standard view XVM.

Updated on 02/12/14:
* Adapting to XVM 5.1.0.
* Efficiency Rating converted into a double-digit scale WN8 on XVM.
* Included in the display level combat load windows, TAB results battlefield.
* Record all the special characters in the font config converted from Unicode to hex HTML code.
* Removed display the new icon HS-fire prevents damage display last config panel damage (when the fashion panel will be able to disable it, disable in the config panel, and here is true.) Who need it to return, you need to replace the default config elements.xc on.

Updated on 01/27/14:
* Offline tags in tree research.
* Added display totals in the results of the combat effectiveness of combat.
* In the table by pressing Tab added showing the chance of winning for the remaining alive (dynamically changing the course and level of engagement).
* In normal mode the marker label added midrange technology player. Color gradation similar table Tab : red : 1-4 levels, white: 5-7 levels, purple : 8-10 levels. If a player has played less than 4.5k + fights – the label is not displayed.
* In markers adjusted shades of white.

Put as an addition to the main fashion: XVM “Olenemer”

Installation: Put the folder xvm this way: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \

Be sure to install the fonts from the archive!

1965_XVM-Config-002.7z – 2.7 MB