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Jun 25

Config XVM-5.3.2 for World of Tanks [0.9.1] # 004


Author: sirmax2, MetaTeL

Description: Modified configuration fashion XVM-5.3.2 (or Polzomer Olenemer).

Detailed description:

Caution pose as a supplement to the main fashion XVM “Olnenemer”

Installation: Put the folder res_mods from the archive into the game folder: World_of_Tanks \

2091_XVM_Config-004.7z – 2.6 MB

Jun 04

Beko Mod pack ( wot 0.9.0 )



World of Tanks 0.9.0

Pack of lot of different mods, what helps you in game.

Install :

Unrar res_mods pack to your game client.

res_mods.rar – 12.1 MB

Apr 16

Config XVM-5.2.1 for World of Tanks [0.9.0] # 002


Modified configuration files for fashion “Olenemer” XVM-5.1.0. Were changed almost all the elements, compared to the standard view XVM.

Updated on 04/16/14:
* Updated for patch 0.9.0.
* Adapting to XVM 5.2.1-test1.

Updated on 02/12/14:
* Adapting to XVM 5.1.0.
* Efficiency Rating converted into a double-digit scale WN8 on XVM.
* Included in the display level combat load windows, TAB results battlefield.
* Record all the special characters in the font config converted from Unicode to hex HTML code.
* Removed display the new icon HS-fire prevents damage display last config panel damage (when the fashion panel will be able to disable it, disable in the config panel, and here is true.) Who need it to return, you need to replace the default config elements.xc on.

Updated on 01/27/14:
* Offline tags in tree research.
* Added display totals in the results of the combat effectiveness of combat.
* In the table by pressing Tab added showing the chance of winning for the remaining alive (dynamically changing the course and level of engagement).
* In normal mode the marker label added midrange technology player. Color gradation similar table Tab : red : 1-4 levels, white: 5-7 levels, purple : 8-10 levels. If a player has played less than 4.5k + fights – the label is not displayed.
* In markers adjusted shades of white.


sirmax2 + iBat (XVM), demon2597 (config)

Put the folder xvm this way: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \

1965_XVM-Config-002.7z – 2.6 MB

Apr 15

“Olenemer» XVM-5.2.1 for World of Tanks [0.9.0]


Author: sirmax2, iBat

Description: Mod XVM «Olenemer or Polzomer ” is the most popular among players mod World of Tanks, using it can be seen: the statistics of all the players a chance to win your team name on the minimap art, counter Capture and more. Statistics displayed in the form of three variables: total number of fights, the average efficiency (efficiency) and an average winning percentage of the player. Chance to win your team calculated using a special formula based on skill players were on the same map. Names of vehicles on the minimap, it shows it as in an illuminated state, and after the loss of sight of her allies. Counter Capture, displays detailed information about the number of aggressors in the circle and the time remaining to complete the capture.

Changes in the new version:

* Adapting to patch 0.9.0.

* The main config file (xvm.xc) moved to res_mods / xvm / configs /.
* Statistics must be included in your personal account on the site XVM more: Testing a new method of activation statistics.

* Localization: Added Chinese (simplified).
* Stat: use an encrypted connection.
* Added a special name tag scheme : xvm :/ / – path relative to the folder res_mods / xvm example: .

* Stat: changed address of the server statistics (now
* Option battle / useStandardMarkers moved to markers / useStandardMarkers.
* Option battle / removePanelsModeSwitcher moved to playersPanel / removePanelsModeSwitcher.

* Adapting to patch 0.8.11.

* New options:
(BattleLoading | battleResults | statisticForm) / showBattleTier – indicate the level of combat.

* Rating WN default changed to WN8.
* Option statisticForm / showChancesExp renamed showChancesLive.

Installation: Put the folder res_mods from the archive into the game folder: World_of_Tanks \

604_XVM- – 6.6 MB

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