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Aug 17

Minimalistic Sights mods (wot 8.7 )


Version: World of Tanks 0.8.7

Custom Series scopes

author of “Shtys”


The angles from which to traverse Art PT-ACS and ACS.
Adjustable offset axis
separately for each sight
Ability to enable / disable separately for Art and PT-ACS-ACS
Five variants of boundary markers
Four variants of the central marker with the ability to separate switching for each sight
Full customization via the file “GunConstraints.xml”

For assistance in the development of scripts thanks to the player koshnaranek.
For assistance in developing the formulas thanks to the player Vitallius13.

Disabling the blackout in the sniper crosshairs separately
Information panel selected target is now a standalone fashion
The mod contains the following files:
Arcade-sight (res_mods \ xxx \ gui \ flash \ crosshair_panel_arcade.swf)
Sniper Scope (res_mods \ xxx \ gui \ flash \ crosshair_panel_sniper.swf)
ACS sight (res_mods \ xxx \ gui \ flash \ crosshair_panel_strategic.swf)
Posthumous sight (res_mods \ xxx \ gui \ flash \ crosshair_panel_postmortem.swf)
Reduction of the arcade and sniper scopes (res_mods \ xxxgui \ flash \ crosshair_sniper.swf)
Mixing Art SPG sight (res_mods \ xxx \ gui \ flash \ crosshair_strategic.swf)
Picture folder markers and grids (res_mods \ xxx \ gui \ flash \ ms)
The configuration file of sights and information (res_mods \ xxx \ gui \ flash \ MSSetting.xml)
Loader scripts (res_mods \ xxx \ scripts \ client \ CameraNode.pyc)
Loader scripts (res_mods \ xxx \ scripts \ client \ mods \ _init_.pyc)
Script sight (res_mods \ xxx \ scripts \ client \ mods \ MS.pyc)
Disabling the blackout in the sniper crosshairs (res_mods \ xxx \ scripts \ client \ mods \ NoBinoculars.pyc)
Where xxx – the current version of the game.
Res_mods extract the archive to a folder of the game client with a replacement.
Frequently asked questions and their answers:

The configuration information is contained in the comments of a profile.
Advice on setting up the configuration file:
1. Run the desired replay, see what and how
2. Minimize a client
3. Changing the desired values ​​in the configuration file, save
4. Back in the game, and rewind back to step 1 (or as needed) – it causes an overload of files and settings file
5. Look what happened
6. Go to step 2, change the other parameters are also not closing the client
Rewind to the beginning of the replay button Home, End End.
List of changes:

- Disable the EDM to handle guns before the battle
- UVN in the arcade and sniper mode is disabled by default
- Added new macros
{{Dist-100}} – the distance to the target, rounded to two decimal places
{{Dist-10}} – the distance to the target, rounded to the nearest tenth
{{M-dist-100}} – the distance to the marker guns, rounded to two decimal places
{{M-dist-10}} – the distance to the marker guns, rounded to the nearest tenth
{{M-dist}} – the distance to the marker guns, rounded to the nearest

Minimalistic-Sights- – 838 KB

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