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Mar 13

World of Tanks: Developer Diaries 2014 – Physics


Author: Worl dof Tanks Note that this video announces innovations planned for all of 2014. The changes that are planned for Version 9.0 can be found in the In Development section.

Mar 13

Bulbs “sixth sense” for World of Tanks 0.8.11


updated on 05.03.2014.

We want you to imagine that modification, which can be used to change a light bulb standard “sixth sense”, as it is calledLightning “sixth sense”. Version 6 bulbs “sixth sense” that people do not like noticing a standard bulb. Color is for all tastes, everyone will find themselves under a light bulb.
Select and copy option in SixthSense.png World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ xvm \ res \.

Sixth_Sense.rar – 581 KB

Mar 13

World of Tanks: RNG – Episode 19


Author: World Of Tanks, RNG

Mar 13

T110E5 skin mod (Gold Digger) ( wot 8.11 ) + video



World of Tanks Version: 0.8.11

T110 E5A1 “MADMAX”

Mod author: «GNRLEE»

Skin author: “Rsd1975″

Inside each archive you will find multiple files. These include variations of the custom skin, as well as images of the various skin options. The default skins contains the name of the tank followed by .dds (example: and is usually in woodland cmo if there are multiple options. To change to another skin, first rename the default ( to something else, like, then rename the skin you want to the default (

To install the mod, download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\ 0.8.11

T110E5-gold-diger.rar – 10.1 MB

Mar 07



Author: GambitER

Updated to version 0.8.11 V2


We want you to imagine that modification, which can be used to change the default panel damage, and it is called Standard Damage Panel 0.8.11, from GambitER. Modification will change the standard panel damage. This panel is damage in the standard style, but added log damage.

1.standartny of the panel ..
2.List damage received detailed information about the attacking player ..
3.dinamicheskoe summation of damage from a fire in the log of the damage ..
4.taymer repair a disabled module ..
5.vsplyvayuschee message recently received Done ..
6.dopolnitelnoe popup message about the fire ..
7.vozmozhnost change the default settings through the configuration file DamagePanel.xml ..
8.zvukovoe notification tank on fire and critically injured combat pack (must be installed Sound Damage Panel) ..

14.02.2014 (Damage Panel GambitER 0.8.11 v.2)
[Upd] Fixed the lack of audio fire ..
Fixed bug with incorrect definition of splash damage …
added macro {{clip-delay}} – recharge time for a projectile guns with shops charging system ..
added macro {{clip-size}} – the number of shells in the hardware store attacking player ..
added macro {{burst-size}} – the number of shells in one tape technology attacking player ..
macro {{tank-reload}}, {{clip-delay}}, {{clip-size}} and {{burst-size}} added a field to specify rows displayed by default ..
Fixed display timer repair a disabled module after the destruction of the tank ..

I. Damage Panel (mandatory installation):
1. gui folder and scripts folder Damage Panel add .. \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.h \ ..
II. Sound Damage Panel (installed separately if you need to add sound events):
1. Copy the contents of the folder .. \ World_of_Tanks \ res \ audio \ .. in .. \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.h \ audio \ ..
2. Damage_Panel.fsb files and folders from Damage_Panel.fev Sound Damage Panel \ audio add .. \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.h \ audio \ ..
3. gui_sounds.xml file folder Sound Damage Panel \ gui add .. \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.h \ gui ..

0.8.h – the current version of the game (for example, 0.8.11) …

Damage-panel_GambitER_0.8.11-v.2.rar – 1.8 MB