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Apr 17

Sight «Blue Shock» for World of Tanks [0.9.0] # 062


rcade and sniper scope for WoT with two scales (recharge and health). And also recharge timer, digital drum, rangefinder and mixing with an informative probe penetration.


Andre_V, chesssman

Put the folder gui and scripts this way: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.0 \

1931_Pricel-062.7z – 239 KB

Apr 16

Sight «Minimalistic Sights» for World of Tanks [0.9.0] # 061


Author: Dellux

Description: Minimalist Sight (arcade, sniper, art) with informative information that shows the thickness of the enemy’s armor penetration and you charged projectile. Also contains the angles traverse with customizable config GunConstraints.xml .

Version R7.1:
- Adapting to patch 0.9.0.

New in version R6.8:
- Returned variety of markers in the central arcade sight.
- Returned to the old algorithm to retrieve the total recharge time.
- Added color setting the Target name for enemy vehicles ART-ACS sight, section “ms / Strategic / targetName / color”.
- Edit ART-ACS, blue dots for the server mode is now similar to the client .

Installation: Put the folder gui and scripts this way: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.0 \

1925_Pricel-061.7z – 538 KB

Apr 16

Sight «Animated-3″ for World of Tanks [0.9.0] # 072


Author: garnet_auxo + RazNaRok

Description: Animated – arcade, sniper and art futuristic sight for WoT.

* EDM.
* Digital Drum.
* Timer recharge.
* Color definition / another.
* Direction Indicator damage.
* A pointer to the recharge time enemy.
* A pointer to the strength of the opponent.
* The speed of the projectile in the art mode.
* Horizontal and vertical angles of interference.
* Informative, animated with the reduction of a performance: breaking your shell and thick armor of the enemy.

Installation: Place the folder in 0.9.0 from the archive to World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \

2066_Pricel-072.7z – 753 KB

Apr 16

Sight “Turquoise-1″ for the World of Tanks [0.9.0] # 042


Author: Frant

Description: A minimalistic – arcade, sniper and art sight. Made in the same style and color scheme.

* Drum.
* Reduction.
* EDM.
* Art reduction.
* Timer recharge.

Installation: Put the folder gui and scripts this way: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.0 \

1754_Pricel-042.7z – 435 KB

Apr 16

Historic engine sounds v.0.493 for World of Tanks [0.9.0]


Author: Gnomefather, Nelumbo

Description: This mod was created to improve the sound of the engines of tanks in World of Tanks, which are close in sound to their historical counterparts. Make the game more atmospheric, due to more precise and diverse peregazovok engines.

Version 0.493:
- Adapting to patch 0.9.0.

Version 0.492:
- Adapting to patch 0.8.11.

Version 0.49:
- Adapting to patch 0.8.10.
- Added sounds of engines for Ha-Go and Type 61.
- Fixed lack of sounds for some tanks.

1. Copy the folder audio from World_of_Tanks \ res \ in World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.0 \
2. Folders audio and scripts from the archive to put in World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.0 \ , confirming the replacement.

Zvuki_Dvizhkov-001.7z – 118.4 MB