Sep 15



Version: World of Tanks 0.8.8

author: “Ashbane”

Hey guys, this topic will host my mods for World of Tanks – I will update this post as necessary. Link to my SkyDrive WoT folder .

If you want custom contour icons (with virtually any tank stats or graphics), send me a private message.
Contour Icons – best used with my OTM.

The contour icons are automatically generated from the client so they contain every single tank the game supports (even those that are not listed on the tankopedia). It also means that I can update them with a press of a button (more or less) and they should always reflect any patch changes. I can also easily change the design according to suggestions.

Versions (updated to v.0.8.8 # 523)
Tank types:
Yellow – light tanks
Green – medium tanks
Brown – heavy tanks
Blue – tank destroyers
Red – artillery

WoTModInstaller.rar – 756 KB

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